Health Mate Pharmacy provides progressive and affordable healthcare accessible to you also get multivitamins and weight loss supplements for all age groups

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Get Quick Blood pressure,Blood glucose and body weight Measurements
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As a national award winning company.We are offering cost-effective solutions for medical and pharmaceutical services and other product which will bring health and beauty to your doorstep.

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We ensure complete physical,mental and social well being.


We arrange, compounds and dispense medications.


We provide direct patient care and promote health.

Home care

We prepare and deliver injectables in the home.


We direct care of patients receiving nutrition support.


We provide goods and services rekated to drugs and medicine items in the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions With Answers.

What is the dissimilarity between the term Over-the-Counter and Prescription?

Over-the-counter drugs are available for purchase without a prescription and can be purchased right off the shelves at a store - without a visit to a prescriber or consultation with a pharmacist.
Prescription only drugs are only available with a valid prescription from a prescriber. These drugs are heavily regulated and require a visit to a prescriber, a diagnosis and monitoring by a prescriber to ensure the medication is working and that it is working safely. Prescription drugs must pass through many clinical trial phases, approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and monitored for safety and side effects even after the drug is on the market.

What if i didn't remember to take my medication or take a dose incorrectly?

Try to follow the directions as closely as possible. If you think you might have trouble with this, ask your pharmacist about special boxes and other devices to help you remember.If you realize that you may have taken a dose incorrectly, notify your physician immediately. The decision to make up a missed dose depends on the drug. Ask your pharmacist his or her advice when you have the prescription dispensed. You should know the answer to this question before it happens.

Can i take freely non-prescribe drugs, herbal medicines, or other drugs with a medicine?

Never begin taking a new medication without asking your pharmacist if it will interact with your other medicines. Many non-prescription drugs can interact with prescription medication. At times, the interactions can produce unwanted and even serious side effects. Although often thought of as “natural,” several herbal products contain ingredients that can also cause significant interactions with prescription medication.

What duration should i follow up with my doctor or pharmacist to ensure a good outcome?

If you are experiencing side effects that you are unsure about, consulting your pharmacist could be extremely beneficial. Side effects may not always be the concern, if the medication affects your daily activities you may want to discuss alternative options. In addition, some medications may not make a noticeable difference until you’ve had three to four months of consistent treatment, ask for a timeline to better understand when to follow up with your health care provider

Why is it essential to know the name of my medications or is it not necessary?

It is important to know the names and intended use of all your medications because if you see more than one physician, you should always tell your doctors about other medications you are taking, including non-prescription drugs, herbal remedies, teas, dietary supplements, vitamins, and minerals. This will ensure that the medication you take, both prescription and nonprescription, is appropriate for your condition.

What are the essential features of a good pharmacist? (What characteristics)

We believe a good pharmacist is patient, adaptable, diligent, and passionate. Patient to be able to communicate with many different people and ensure they understand you, adaptable in order to easily adjust to ever-changing situations and practice environments, diligent to ensure they do not make any mistakes,

What are the functions/objective of some of our daily use medications in our body?

Some medications, such as antibiotics, are used to cure an illness. Others, such as pain medications, are used to control the symptoms. It is good to know what to expect from your medication, so that you have a realistic idea of what it can do for you.

What are the side effects of some medications in our body and what should i do if they happen?

All medicines can cause side effects, but they are not necessarily serious. That’s why it’s important to ask your pharmacist what to expect from your prescription. Even if there is a long list of potential side effects on the pharmacy prescription information, it’s better to ask your pharmacist about the most frequently reported adverse effects of a medication.

What is the meaning of the popular slogan "Home Delivery Pharmacy"?

Originally, home delivery, or mail order, pharmacies were created as a means of getting prescription medications to patients who were without transportation. They have since evolved into a method of getting the right medications to the patient at the right time – helping to increase adherence and taking convenience a step further.

How should I store my medications to ensure it's quality and efficacy?

Medication may lose their effectiveness if you don’t store them correctly. The medicine cabinet in the bathroom is not a good place to keep medications because of the moisture and heat. Don’t store medicines on the bottom shelf of any cabinet that has under-the-cabinet lighting. The light is a source of heat, which can damage medicines. Select a cool, dry area for storage of your medicines and always make sure they are stored safely away from young children. Some medicines will have special storage requirements, such as refrigeration. Always check all the labels on the medicine bottle or package for these instructions.


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What Our Top Specialists Do

Patient Counseling

Providing medical information orally or in written form to the patients on side effects, precautions, storage etc of drugs

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Pharmaceutical Care

Responsible drug therapy is provided by them for the purpose of achieving positive patient outcomes.

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Various Checks

A thorough physical examination; includes a variety of tests like blood sugar depending on the age and sex and health of the person.

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Consulting Pharmacist

Consulting top rated pharmacists in certain condition is also among roles our top specialist play

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